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High Quality Daisy Corsets and Costumes to Size 6X

Shop sexy Daisy Corsets, Daisy Costumes, Sexy Corsets, underbust corsets, corset dresses and corset tops at to size 6X.
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Exotic Dancer Shoes

Of course, with a name like Sincity Playwear, you know we have the best shoes from the likes of Pleaser 7" Exotic Dancer Shoes. They know a woman's foot and a man's desire. They make simply the best exotic dancer shoes and boots around. Whether you are matching a costume, or a g-string, you will find the perfect foot accessory.

Leave nothing to the imagination with our extensive selection of Exotic Dancer Shoes and Stripper Shoes, made especially for the classy lady. Sweep across the stage in one of our designer exotic dancer shoes, created by the most sophisticated designers such as Pleaser. Our elegant, yet Exotic Dancer Shoes creations fit your sexy lifestyle. Choose the heel that works it for you. Whether you want to plunge into pleasure with 6 inch heels or prance around like a princess with an elegant stiletto, has the shoe that fits.

Anyone looking to spice up the evening can find Exotic Dancer Shoes and Stripper Shoes, complete wit…

Exotic Dancer Shoes – Fit for Your Sexy Stage Style

When the time comes to upgrade your exotic dancer shoes wardrobe, the temptation to buy every pretty little pair that catches your eye can be great! With so many seriously sexy styles, choosing just one, two or even a few can be difficult to say the least. But there a few important things to consider when making your decision, and as we’ve been overwhelmed ourselves with countless shopping conundrums in our lives, we’ve put together a short list of questions to ask yourself when buying new exotic dancer shoes. There won’t be any trick questions – don’t worry. We just want to help you make the most of your budget and…pardon the pun…walk away happy!

Do you have all your exotic dancer shoes basics covered? Whether you mix up your costume almost every day or night, or you dance in different clubs where there are differing style aesthetics, you don’t want to find yourself with a hot pink pair of heels and a mismatched outfit. To be sure you always have the right shoes for you…

Sexy Swimwear, Sexy Swimsuits, Sexy Bathing Suits, Bikini

Be SPRING BREAK Ready at SinCity Playwear...
Where are YOU going for your Spring Break getaway? Mexico, Hawaii, Florida or the Caribbean?.... You book the trip and we'll provide the swimwear.
From itsy bitsy side tie bikinis and cheeky bottoms, to halters, banded bottoms and the open-back tankini, SinCity Playwear promises to make you look and feel gorgeous!

Let's spend 2015 in SinCity Playwear Swimwear....
We are READY to ring in the New Year here at SinCity Playwear.  How about YOU?  What are your
plans for 2015?  Do you want to travel more, to get in shape and to be HAPPY?
We are here to help with your 2015 plans.  SinCity Playwear Swimwear is just a click
away @ so, as you make plans for 2015,
stop by and see us for the perfect sexy swimwear to wear on your travels, the perfect suit to put on
your healthy body and the perfect suit to make you feel HAPPY!

For all of our high fashion, risk-taking trend setters, we've got the perfect one-pi…
Bling Tattoos from SinCity Playwear are Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold & Temporary Jewelry Tattoos. Are you ready to add some extra Bling to your style? These metallic jewelry tattoos are temporary but look like real jewelry on your skin and will last from 4 to 6 days. The temporary tattoo bracelets and necklaces look great when paired with your favorite dress, tank top or swimsuit. You can wear your temporary tattoos to the beach, the pool or any other fun event. Bling Tattoos are non-toxic and safe to be worn on your skin.
You can layer your metallic tattoos with real jewelry to create a super flashy look. If you are layering your metallic tattoo bracelets with real bracelets you should place your temporary tattoo bracelets higher on your arm so that your real bracelets do not cover them up. Your jewelry inspired tattoo necklaces will look gorgeous layered with a long gold or silver chain.  You can have some fun when you layer your Bling Tattoos with real jewelry just by seeing if…

Jaw Dropping Winter Swimwear

Jaw dropping winter swimwear...

Fire-up the HOT TUB!

For all of our high fashion, risk-taking trend setters, we've got the perfect one-piece for YOU!
A little racy, a little edgy and oh sooooo sexy, these Sexy Swimwear promise to make your winter getaway or an evening dip in the Hot Tub unforgetable.

Are you ready for a jaw dropping UjENA suit?  We think you are.... Let's go shopping for your winter getaway swimsuit!

Sexy Swimwear, Bikini Bathing Suit and Women's Swimwear Made in the USA. There is possibly no other piece of clothing that challenges our confidence and commitment to a perfect fit as greatly as SinCity Playwear 2015 NEW Sexy Swimwear proudly made in the USA. Even when we’re shopping for sexy lingerie we aren’t as critical of cut, fabric, color, or how well it enhances our figure or looks when we move. After all, most of us are wearing lingerie for a very limited audience that already thinks we’re sexy, attractive and awesome. That is often worn in front of …

Work To Play With This Sexy Number Underneath!

It’s easy to go from work to play when you’re sporting this sexy little number underneath.